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It’s things like the Boston Marathon bombings that remind me why I never want children. Things like Sandy Hook, like Aurora, that create a grief in me that is unbearable, something I would never want to let another human being feel (not that I blame my mother). I am reminded of the mean-spirited, the mentally […]


For the first 22 years of my mostly single life, I enjoyed sleeping alone. I didn’t realize what I had. Sharing beds with occasional boys left me smothered, though I appreciated girls because they didn’t want to snuggle–we were just on vacation together. At 22 years and one month, I met the man who is […]

“RIDE YOUR BIKE ON THE SIDEWALK” the lady yelled to me from the safety of her van, stopped at a red light. I considered her strangely, before turning back to pay attention to the road I have to traverse that has no bike lane. The sidewalk, I might have explained, is much more dangerous. That’s […]


Stop me if you’ve heard this one. College student panics about her future. Half her life she spends wondering what she’s going to eat next, the other half about whether she got into grad school. And whether she wants to go to grad school. And how important human interaction is. And if it would be […]


This is what it sounds like when I think out loud. Everything happens for a reason, my mother says, which makes me want to shout THAT’S SO YOU DON’T HAVE TO FIX ANYTHING ON YOUR OWN or feel crappy about not getting that job or a hurricane destroying your house or your butt falling off […]


A watched pot has to boil


A computer at work The bottom left corner Roll with what you’re given? Or get up and quit?