I like my job but not when I have to work seven hours and have two tests the next day. I’m not looking forward to this week but come Friday, I am sailing easy for the next four weeks. Kind of. I have to go live with my family, which has the tendency to drive me crazy. My mom says I have to love my brother, but I don’t have to like him. This has never made sense to me. At least I get to see my darling niece more often. She’s still pretty boring, but I’ll be damned if the size of her cheeks don’t crack me up.

I’m filling out grad apps while simultaneously studying for finals. Yes, I will tell you, this is painful. It reminds me though, Professor I, if you still read this, will you e-mail me? I’d really appreciate it.

I hate finals. I feel so static and unfriendly. And dull. Pretend I told you a witty story. Laugh a little, and shake your head slightly. Laugh out loud in public when you’re not walking with anyone. I dare you. This might help: my family loves to watch Orange County Choppers and you know how they cuss a lot and have to bleep it out? My grandma thought they were bleeping out motorcycle secrets, private family matters they didn’t want America to hear.


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