To the person who decided to add chocolate chips to waffles: Thank you, from every pleased particle in my body

To my professor who cancelled class today: Thanks, because I wouldn’t have gone anyway

To the library: Thank you for allowing me to work, particularly in such a spectacular setting (I would also like to thank books for existing)

To my classes/professors/education: I appreciate where I’m hopefully going with your support. Sometimes I feel disconnected from what my diploma is going to represent, but it’s this, right now. Other people will see a piece of paper boxed up with strange signatures, and I will see the best four years of my life that helped shape who I am. Thanks.

To my family: Thank you for being somewhere I can belong. I like being welcomed home and enjoying time with you. We might not get along all that well all the time, but there’s something beautiful about families that makes that okay. Maybe it’s that we’re stuck together, or that we’ve known each other so long, but maybe there is something in our blood that makes us feel connected. Or maybe there there isn’t, which is okay too.

To my roommate: Thank you for being my best friend and the best roommate ever. I love every laugh and argument and experience we have. Kevin washed all our clothes from spelunking, so don’t worry, your muscle milk shirt is in tip top shape. I’m also using your speakers right now. Thanks.

To my friends: I truly love and appreciate anybody I feel comfortable enough to call a friend, which isn’t many people. My friends though, they’re the best. Some cause a little heartache, but life wouldn’t be realistic without a little heartache. I do know a couple really stellar people though, that I hope to friends with forever.

To myself: I’m feeling particularly thankful lately, I guess because this life as I know it is going to be ending so soon. I was reading an article about adoption, how people call children that are adopted into families lucky, when in actuality, they’re just getting something human beings deserve to have. Do I deserve this life? Or am I just lucky?

Either way, I am thankful. Thanks.


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