It’s irritating falling asleep while doing your homework and then you wake up panicked, and go through the long process of getting ready for bed only to find you’re no longer tired. And you lie awake in your cocoon, so blessedly happy to be enveloped in the warmth of your bed until you’re plagued by fears of the future, the only time you can ever remember being so comfortable and so unhappy. Getting up to finish your homework would be torture, so you make the executive decision to skip your first class the next day and then you think the future can’t be that bad, everyone gets through it, everyone, even you, look, you’re in the future now, and you remember that time your friend said you can have as many futures as you want and you start to feel a little excited at how much future you have a chance at and suddenly, you can’t sleep, not because you’re not tired, but because you can’t wait for tomorrow.


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