The following is a public service announcement

I absolutely love banana nut bread. I don’t know how to eat healthy. I have no clue how to apply to grad school. I miss the summer where I didn’t have class and I could bake all the time. My dream last night was sweet and sincere, which isn’t really like real life. I don’t really trust dreams. I want to take a non-fiction writing class next semester, but they don’t really let people do that unless it’s their concentration. I’m doing my grad check later today. I am graduating in May and doing whatever I want. For real this time. I can figure that out. What if I lived in Portland though? I don’t think they wear shorts there. It’s 46 degrees there right now. Oh dear. What if dreams were real though? Wouldn’t that be nice? No, it would not. Because sometimes there are nightmares. Just like real life. Dreams are just like real life, but a little bit harder to remember and more spontaneous.


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