I was absolutely enamored with voting before I had the right. I thought it was a citizen’s duty to vote. I don’t think that anymore. I don’t think voting matters at all. Politicians are elected, they do what they want, and we, the citizens, are left wondering why the president votes to spend $60 billion more dollars on a war we didn’t agree with or a governor can try to push a ridiculous law into fruition when, really, all we want is to spend time with our friends and laugh a lot and enjoy whatever we can. What are you doing, politicians? Why are you spending so much time trying to make peoples’ lives worse, when we wanted something better?

I want to go to an orchard. I want to pick fruit from a tree and put it in a basket and bake it in a pie all the while listening to beautiful music. The closest orchard, from what I can tell, is in Wilcox, almost two hours from Tucson. I went to one once, I think it was somewhere north of Phoenix? I think they had peaches and a funny name.

I didn’t grow up experiencing Arizona summers and they’re still a little bewildering to me. I spent every summer from when I was 5 until maybe ninth or tenth grade in California with my grandparents on their farm. In California there are fruit stands everywhere. We used to buy strawberries and cherries and nectarines and watermelons. My grandma had a fig tree in her backyard but I was too afraid to try one—they reminded me of brains. I love them now. I don’t remember California ever having rain like Arizona does in the summer.

“Why are you helping me?”
“Lady, I don’t believe in God and since he ain’t gonna help you out, someone’s gotta.”


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