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I was absolutely enamored with voting before I had the right. I thought it was a citizen’s duty to vote. I don’t think that anymore. I don’t think voting matters at all. Politicians are elected, they do what they want, and we, the citizens, are left wondering why the president votes to spend $60 billion […]


In fourth grade I got my first pet, a hamster, I named her ginger. She was sleek and really beautiful for a hamster, with this lovely dark red/brown fur. I used to carry her around on my Minnie Mouse pillow, she’d watch TV with me and go play outside. In her cage she had one […]


People in the real (corporate) world ask you how your weekend is but they don’t really care. We are just “making conversation.” We are just pretending to talk and we’re not even really listening either, it’s the same conversation they’re having in every office on the planet. And then we sit in our cubicles on […]


Lately I’ve been having this dream that instead of driving from Tucson to Phoenix, you can take a river that runs right along the ten. Everybody does it, tubes are available and there’s this one guy who’s a tour leader, he’s really funny and cute and people love him. Last night I dreamt that he […]