Hello! How are you! I am tired! But who isn’t!

Now that I know what it feels like when you car smashes into another car (I rear ended someone over spring break, fast enough that literally everything in the car ended up on the ground in the front seat but slow enough that the air bags didn’t go off) I can practically feel it every time I’m in my car. It’s terrifying. My mother thinks I am careless.

I’m not. I wish I could concentrate harder when I’m driving though.

I wish I had more control of my bike. I’ve never fallen off or hit anything, but it nearly happens almost everyday. Especially maneuvering through the poles by the library. Yesterday somebody taped an advertisement to my bike. It made me angry. Then I came home and listened to loud music and cleaned and felt better.

I dearly love my jobs. But I hate being so tired all the time. What’s the point of finally being where you want to be if you can’t even really enjoy it?

I like sweet tea. I like cookies. I like you. I apparently like everything though, so take that with a grain of salt. What a saying. I like salt too.


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