Okay, so maybe I am a little clumsy. I’m a terrible driver. I am often spotted in purple. I’ve been listening to Savage Garden and I feel fine.

I haven’t seen eight o clock this routinely in a long time. It’s only three days a week, and honestly, it’s not that bad. When my alarm goes off at seven I think I am capable of murder, but once I walk outside and feel the sunshine, it’s really nice. Did you know summer could feel so perfect? Eight AM is where it’s at.

My internship at the UA Press is everything I ever wanted to do. I read and write things (and the other crap that no one else wants to do, like file and copy, but I still like it) and while I’m not getting paid, I am getting credit. Career set? Yes. Very very yes.

You know that one Savage Garden song that everyone knows? The lyrics are “I knew I loved you before I met you.” Not, “I never loved you before I met you.” I’m not one to interpret things negatively, but I can’t help hearing what I hear. If you are one to interpret things negatively, check this out: a Mental Floss blog entry called The Kindness of Strangers.

When I was a kid my grandmother had this one little Charlie Brown tree in her sheep/goat/cow field. I swear to God it grew one fruit a year, a small round dark purple delicious fruit. I recently decided to find it what it was, because she told me it was a plum and it most certainly was not. I found it though, Safeway calls it a pluot and Albertson’s calls it a plumcot. I will call it … amazing.

I sense a superfluous amount of dessert is always going to be present in my life. If you want any, let me know.


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