A few weeks ago I was sitting in the McDonald’s parking lot picking up my friend from class. I was a little early, I sat with the windows down and Jamie Cullum playing. A man walked up to the car and said, “Would you be more inclined to help someone if they were honest?”

I took a long time thinking about it. He didn’t seem to mind. Would I? How do I know if they’re being honest? What did this guy want from me? Had his phone died? Did his car break down? Was his identity recently stolen? I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to help him, despite any honesty he might display, so I replied, “I’m not sure.” I think I’d help someone if I could, regardless. I generally assume people are telling the truth. Bad habit, I guess.

He asked me for 14 cents, he said it was because he couldn’t afford the tax at Mcdonald’s. I gave him a quarter. He thanked me. It seemed like an awfully silly production for just 14 cents. Why would someone even lie about needing 14 cents?

Would you be more inclined to help someone if they were telling the truth? Because the truth is I want these boots. Help me out?

I guess it’s not really the same.


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