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de·pressed (d-prst) adj. 1. sad and gloomy; dejected; downcast. I have a hideous scab on my arm. I’m refraining from picking it. I’ve told myself if I can not pick it, I can do anything. It’s dumb, I know. Being able to not pick a scab is not the same as writing a paper or studying for […]


Various body wounds: – Burn on right arm from peach dump crunch cake pan – Skinned left knee from accidental collision with rock (trying to avoid human collision) – Lip cut by dog (bite) – Scratch on right pinkie, unknown cause – Paper cut beneath chin, the dangers of falling asleep while reading – Hangnails […]


A few weeks ago I was sitting in the McDonald’s parking lot picking up my friend from class. I was a little early, I sat with the windows down and Jamie Cullum playing. A man walked up to the car and said, “Would you be more inclined to help someone if they were honest?” I […]