Last night I dreamt that I went to church and ran into some kids I used to babysit and their mom. I tried to avoid them because I stole (kind of) a book from their mom a couple years ago and because I am not Christian and didn’t want them to think I was for some reason. The mom sought me out anyway and I gathered that she was slightly mad at me, but she pretended like she wasn’t. The kids were really excited to see me and she took me in her car so we could talk.

In her car she showed me this video. It was an old video, black and white and grainy, and this ancient lady was yelling in front of a podium. I believe she was on the Mayflower, but it’s unclear why I thought that. She was yelling about how proud we should all be to be Methodist, a people who do not believe in God but rather in people, and that having faith in mankind would save us in the now. Dream me was really surprised to learn that’s what Methodists believed, and I was, it turned out, proud to be one. This old lady was pretty cool too, yelling and carrying on, and for some reason she struck me as very liberal, you know, for that century.

I fell asleep while watching the video, which made the mom angry. She wouldn’t take me back to my house and left me to sleep on the street.


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