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Rode my bike to class today for the first time. I liked it. I felt really collegiate and superior. I thought I might grab some generic coffee and then sit with my classmates talking about the plight of women in contemporary society and smoking cigarettes while wearing really cool hippie dresses. Instead I cut my […]


Instead of doing homework anymore I bake. I scour the internet for recipes (I’m obsessed with food blogs now, mostly Bakerella, but I also dig The Pioneer Woman and Luxirare (for the pictures + clothes, it’s impossible to replicate)). I wish I were an elaborate baker. One that doesn’t mess up and can take step […]


Last night I dreamt that I went to church and ran into some kids I used to babysit and their mom. I tried to avoid them because I stole (kind of) a book from their mom a couple years ago and because I am not Christian and didn’t want them to think I was for […]