I spent some time in the library today trying very hard to do homework and failing fantastically. A girl tapped me on the shoulder and I looked over, concerned that she was going to ask for my computer since I was clearly not doing homework. Instead, she asked me to watch her stuff while she went to the bathroom. Relieved, I said sure and she left while I was looking at her stuff. It was kind of far away and I didn’t think I was really the best person to ask for this job. I realized I had already forgotten what she looked like. I wondered what I was supposed to do if someone grabbed her stuff. “Excuse me, that’s not yours.” Maybe I would just give a meaningful look, and the person would know I was watching them. How hard should I be looking at her stuff? Some guy walked around the other computers and ventured near hers. I put on my meaningful face but he certainly wasn’t looking my direction and when he noticed a bunch of stuff around the computer, he walked away anyway. I glanced away and glanced back. Nobody. I glanced away a second longer. Glanced back. Nothing. Where did this girl say she was going? How did she know I wasn’t going to steal her stuff? Finally she came and sat down, not even giving me a thank you nod. I recognized her the second she returned. Geeze.


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