I’m sitting in the library and have unfortunately discovered that my shirt is on backwards. That seems like a very difficult thing to do, but I managed. I wonder if anyone would notice my switching it around.

Probably. I’m not bold enough to try it, anyway. I’m actually trying to read Robinson Crusoe, which is surprisingly hard when all the knowledge of the world is a mouse click away. Would you like to learn how to beat box? No problem. Trying to find something to cook for tomorrow? Recipes ad infinitum. Perhaps you’d actually just like to do a crossword puzzle. There’re thousands. Or maybe you just wanted to know what year Napoleon was crowned emperor by the pope, or if that statement is even what actually happened. Easy as pie.

Even with the infinite ease of the internet, I’d like to know what life is like without it. Could you imagine? I couldn’t stand not using it, it’s so convenient, but if it didn’t exist? I think life would be a little bit better, a little bit worse. You’d actually have to try.


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