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I tend to think of myself as a trustworthy person, but no matter what’s happening in the crosswalk, I look both ways before crossing. Twenty people could be crossing directly in front of me or beside me and I would still check to make sure the coast is clear. This is especially silly, since I’m […]


I spent some time in the library today trying very hard to do homework and failing fantastically. A girl tapped me on the shoulder and I looked over, concerned that she was going to ask for my computer since I was clearly not doing homework. Instead, she asked me to watch her stuff while she […]


Sometimes my friends and I start to complain about things like traffic or having to go to the grocery store and it makes me feel so dreadfully old.


I’m sitting in the library and have unfortunately discovered that my shirt is on backwards. That seems like a very difficult thing to do, but I managed. I wonder if anyone would notice my switching it around. Probably. I’m not bold enough to try it, anyway. I’m actually trying to read Robinson Crusoe, which is […]