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It looks like taking four literature intensive courses is not a great idea. I guess every English major is in the same boat, but reading around 400 pages a week seems awfully daunting. I kind of avoided it the first two weeks of class, but this week I started doing it and guess what? It […]


Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail: Proof that cardigans aren’t just for old ladies.


I am 7, my brother Brian is about 10 or 11, I guess. We’re barely able to contain our selves because we know what we’re about to make our grandma say. He asks her, “Hey, Grandma, (snort) what are you eating under there?” “I’m not eating anything.” Disappointment. “No, grandma, what are you eating under […]


I made German chocolate cupcakes. I forgot to put the eggs in. Happy new year! I made the second batch right. It’s lucky that things are so easily fixable. Imagine if you only got one chance to make cupcakes right. It baffles me that I still mess them up after all these years, but where […]