In England they eat baked beans for breakfast. I can certainly get behind that.

You know, it seems to me that you should know yourself the best, considering how much time you spend with you. But all the time I find people telling me things about myself that I didn’t know. I guess I was aware that my mind tends to wander, but I didn’t know other people were so keen to it.

I just looked up the word keen and it has a remarkable number of definitions. My favorite is as a verb, keened, keening, keens: to wail in lamentation, especially for the dead. My least favorite is as an adjective: extremely cold. I also like the slang: great; splendid; fine. What a keen day!

People also think I get bored rather easily. This I think is very untrue, but I can’t figure out how to project the correct image. So strange.

My wake-up song used to be Poppies by Marcy Playground so when it comes up on my iPod now, I become startled and it takes a second to register that I am well awake already. I regret using it for that purpose, it’s ruined forever now. I should go back to the radio, I’ve always hated deejays so it won’t be that big a deal. Plus there’s Christmas music now. What a change.


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