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Snow is the most amazing thing. Maybe it’s the fact that I never experienced it growing up, but white ice falling from the sky is so surreal. I went to Flagstaff yesterday and, disregarding it being wretchedly cold, enjoyed the snow. It’s beautiful, and for some reason crunchy when you step on it. It looks […]


When I was in first grade a girl in my brother’s class (I think her name was Kate) swore up and down that she once saw Santa’s boot in her chimney as he was leaving. I was enamored of this girl, I can picture her Christmas scenario to this day, and I begged my mother […]


I think kids are great. Today I was loitering around the dressing room at Old Navy waiting for some friends to finish trying stuff on when this kid (no more than 3 feet tall) comes out of the dressing room and asks the guy working there to unbutton his pants because it’s too hard for […]


Tucson opened up a Krispy Kreme a cool 7 minute (according to Google maps) drive from my house. It tragically doesn’t have the red neon “HOT NOW” sign that suggests donuts are fresh out of the water thing (I don’t actually know how to make donuts?) but it’s better than nothing. I guess. I don’t […]


When you wake up feeling like an idiot and you got a C in your Shakespeare class and you don’t know how you got the bruises on your knee and ear, it’s time for a break. Today, I’m going to my mother’s house and I’m holing up there for three weeks. I don’t want to […]


This morning I accidentally set my alarm for an hour before I was supposed to wake up. I would’ve been annoyed but as it’s the last day of classes for me I was only too ecstatic to get up and get the day over with. It’s kind of strange how I have to reset my […]


I broke my arm in kindergarten. My brothers, some neighborhood kids and I were playing tag in the dark in my brothers’ room. I happened to be jumping on the bed when my mother opened the door and turned the light on. I was afraid that I was going to get in trouble so I […]