I’m taking the week off of school to stay with my family but I had to go to class today. My grandparents offered to drive me to Tucson, which I really appreciated. However, I also know they have a very good track record for being late. I tend to blame it on daylight savings time (They live in California) but that only works half the year and only in Arizona. I had to be in class at three, so I casually suggested that we leave at noon. It only takes an hour and a half to get there, but I’m not kidding when I say they have a penchant for lateness.

I’ve been taller than my grandmother since eighth grade. My grandfather eats three times as much food as me in half the time. They’re generally awesome people but they have the same weird race issues that all old people seem to have. At about 12:18 I ask if they’re ready to go yet. My grandmother’s starting to do laundry, she asks me to unload the dishwasher. At 12:33 we leave. We spend 10 minutes in the driveway while they try to set up the GPS system, despite me reminding them several times that I know how to get to my house.

After this we go to McDonald’s, where we learn that grandma forgot her debit card. For some reason we need this so following McDonald’s it’s back to the house. By now it’s 1:17. We leave again and the GPS let’s us now that we’ll arrive at our destination at 3:21. I don’t tell my grandparents there’s no way it will take that long. My grandparents get slightly confused anyway, because their car says it’s only 12:17. I explain for the upteenth time that in Arizona, it’s an hour later. My grandpa, usually the kind of person who believes that if people lean when you turn it’s because you’re going too fast, guns it and I make it to class with 20 minutes to spare.


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