I skipped class this afternoon to try to get ahead on homework but as I was walking off campus I went by the blood donation bus. I haven’t given blood since last year, the time they popped my vein and left me bruised for weeks. It’s unclear why I like giving blood so much, it’s probably the food. Truth be told though, this was Red Cross, who offers less appetizing snacks. Cheezits are pretty good, but cranberry cocktail juice? No thanks. I much prefer the apple juice boxes and lemon cookies of United Blood Services. Red Cross also has Pepsi, which seems silly to me. Who recommends drinking soda after giving blood?

I feel bad for skipping class, especially since I didn’t get anything done. At least I was saving lives, as several posters reminded me while I was sitting in the waiting area. It doesn’t really feel like saving lives though. For all I know they package up my blood and feed it to the dogs later. It’s probably an elaborate government scheme, actually, where when you sign those papers that no one actually reads, you’re saying that they can do whatever they want with it, so they’re creating cars that are fueled by human blood and that’s why you never see government vehicles at gas stations.


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