When I grow up, I will be an acrobat. I generally have pretty good balance and I am not averse to wearing flashy, skintight outfits. Probably I’ll have to be adopted into a family of circus folk, each of us suited to our specific circus act. My father would be the lion tamer, and sometimes our family jokes about him having to tame our mother, who in turn trains the elephants. They’re the most amazing elephants in the world, doing tricks for my mother that amaze even other elephant trainers. Her secret is butter crackers, but don’t tell anyone. My brother will be a clown, the funny kind, not the kind that is sad. He makes people laugh and he’s always the center of attention. I’d also have an older sister who looks just like me and we tell the audience that we’re twins. We have a very clever stage name and people come from all over the world to see us do acrobatic things. Actually, my father is the ringmaster. It’s our circus. Everyone loves us.


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