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I’m taking the week off of school to stay with my family but I had to go to class today. My grandparents offered to drive me to Tucson, which I really appreciated. However, I also know they have a very good track record for being late. I tend to blame it on daylight savings time […]


I skipped class this afternoon to try to get ahead on homework but as I was walking off campus I went by the blood donation bus. I haven’t given blood since last year, the time they popped my vein and left me bruised for weeks. It’s unclear why I like giving blood so much, it’s […]


When I grow up, I will be an acrobat. I generally have pretty good balance and I am not averse to wearing flashy, skintight outfits. Probably I’ll have to be adopted into a family of circus folk, each of us suited to our specific circus act. My father would be the lion tamer, and sometimes […]


A boy that sits next to me in my rational theology class wears the most beautiful tattoos. They cover his arms, but I wouldn’t call them sleeves. Each tattoo is very separate, not the run-onny way that sleeves feel. One suggests that “time is wasted on the patient,” written around a heart with two guns […]