Yesterday, I watched a roadrunner beak the shit out of a dead mouse. He would pick it up and toss it around, slamming it on the ground and flipping it into the air. Every once in awhile he would look at me. It felt like his eyes were compelling me, they were saying look how hard I’m trying revive this mouse why won’t you help me and I felt terrible because I know really he was just on the verge of eating it. Why did he have to mess with it like that? Emily suggested he was making it softer to eat, which I guess makes sense, I read online that they swallow them whole. This mouse seemed so broken, it would land in the most contorted positions and people would walk by, intrigued by the roadrunner and then suddenly horrified when they realized there was a mouse in its mouth. There are pictures if you google “roadrunner eating a mouse” that are very accurate to my experience, if you’re interested, but I understand if you’re not. It was quite unseemly.


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