Technology is only impressive when it ceases to work. Last week my phone stopped receiving text messages and it wouldn’t let me call people for awhile and I marveled at the concept of instant communication.

Yesterday I went to the state fair and since my friends and I forgot a camera, we stopped at Walgreen’ s for some disposables. What an ancient device. It’s sitting here next to me on the desk, useless in it’s boxy format. It seems like an impossiblity to move it from the current shape it’s in to my computer, yet my digital one has a handy chip in it’s side for such an action. Having to go to the store and wait around for the hour developing process is not thrilling. However, it’s kind of interesting not knowing what the pictures look like. We had to plan them carefully, you know, no retakes allowed. Getting them back will be like a present. How exciting!


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