There are bad days, and then there are Tuesdays in the middle of the semester. Tuesdays where you didn’t get enough sleep, where you still missed your first class, where you didn’t study for your midterm and where you half-assed your Shakespeare paper. Tuesdays where you feel like everything is in slow motion and try to fix it with coffee but end up becoming a jittery mess. You can’t believe you actually spoke to that girl and told her she looked like someone you went to middle school with. You especially can’t believe you pointed out that she has opportune veins for donating blood.

Well, probably your Tuesday was nothing like mine. Luckily there are friends and cinnabons that can fix things somehow. Truly, whenever I’m feeling a little down I remember the day before school started. I got breakfast with my roommates and best friends, and everyone was happy and excited and just crammed with possibility. It’s not dwelling on the past. It’s believing it’s in the future.


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