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Yesterday, I watched a roadrunner beak the shit out of a dead mouse. He would pick it up and toss it around, slamming it on the ground and flipping it into the air. Every once in awhile he would look at me. It felt like his eyes were compelling me, they were saying look how […]


In color these actually look very nice. The black and white really draws out the death. The fifth floor of the main library has fiction books. This is definitely NOT on my walk home so don’t get any ideas, internet stalker. Sometimes a rabbit is just a rabbit, but in this case it’s Donnie Darko. […]


Technology is only impressive when it ceases to work. Last week my phone stopped receiving text messages and it wouldn’t let me call people for awhile and I marveled at the concept of instant communication. Yesterday I went to the state fair and since my friends and I forgot a camera, we stopped at Walgreen’ […]


There are bad days, and then there are Tuesdays in the middle of the semester. Tuesdays where you didn’t get enough sleep, where you still missed your first class, where you didn’t study for your midterm and where you half-assed your Shakespeare paper. Tuesdays where you feel like everything is in slow motion and try […]


There’s nothing wrong with me. My two and a half hour classes (minus Shakespeare) are fun and engaging and I have no problem sitting through them. Those Tuesday/Thursday ones though, they kill me. After a few minutes of blatant lecturing I start checking the clock and looking out the window, desperate to be outside. The […]