Nighttime Lisa is seriously delusional. She kind of wastes time doing Not Homework and thinks Morning Lisa will be more than happy to finish it up. But she stays up late doing more Not Homework so this really just pisses Morning Lisa off. Fuck no she’s not doing any homework. She’s going to lie around in bed and labor over breakfast and play loud music and then watch Firefly. By the time it’s afternoon we’ve accomplished absolutely nothing. I don’t understand. It feels really good when I get to class and my homework is done. Why don’t I do it more often?

Also, there is a rattling in my vent. It sounds kind of like a very tiny clunker is just driving all over the place. OK, well I just stood on my bed to see if I could fix it, and it turns out it was my light bulb shade, somehow. Isn’t that silly? It’s totally fixed now.

Nighttime Lisa just wasted a good half an hour looking at upcoming concerts. She’ll probably go see Ingrid Michaelson and maybe Plain White T’s, plus she started listening to Fun.(.?) Later she’s going shopping with Michael. Morning Lisa will just have to deal! But really, Morning Lisa, try to get some work done. Please?


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  1. 1 Kevin

    I think either morning or nighttime Lisa needs to work on more short stories, Miss I’ll-wright-one-a-day 😀

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