Just now I am trying to decide between doing my homework or watching Freaks and Geeks. Actually, since I have to leave for class in an hour and I haven’t eaten lunch yet, I probably won’t have time for either. Jeeze, where does the time go? I have to clean my room. It’s a complete mess.

I also want to make cookies. I think if I weren’t so sore, I’d be getting things done like I want to. Who knew that learning to walk on stilts would be so painful? I still haven’t read Othello. Fuck. Does it kind of feel like this semseter is almost over? No?

I’m making a hot pocket because we’re out of turkey. Hot pockets seem like a pretty good idea, but I could be terribly wrong. I sliced my hand while cutting an avocado the other day so I don’t want that anyway. Just kidding. I’m actually already back on the horse, having sliced avocados twice since the incident. It’s just kind of an excuse though since we’re out of turkey. I’m pretending I didn’t even want a sandwich.

Later when I get home I’m going to do all my homework the second I walk in the door and then tomorrow I am going to do Fun Things. I don’t care what you think, I can do it. I’m not too lazy. Tomorrow I will buy books and watch Glee and Freaks and Geeks and whatever else I want to do, something More Exciting, possibly.

Positive. I am. I get out of class in six hours. My hot pocket is done. Probably it’s too hot to take out of the microwave though. Cross your fingers!


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