I love Life. The cereal, not the carbon-based form or the other action-filled noun. Well, I guess those things are OK, but I have Life for breakfast every morning. It is very dependable. It’s always good and there aren’t any possibilities for surprises and it never fucks you over. Ever.

Rejection hurts. Even if it’s civil and even if it’s possibly constructive. Thank you, life, for always being there to bring me down. You always make everything better too, though, so I’m at a loss. I don’t know.


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  1. a large bowl of cinnamon Life in the morning is always a wonderful five minutes of life to look forward to. rejection sucks. and blows. and nothing really helps you get over it except time. and time sucks. and blows.

    with every day you will have more to look forward to and less to dwell on. so keep getting up in the morning, wipe the thoughts from your mind, and enjoy a great big bowl of Life.

    hope all is well interweb friend. :-/

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