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Nighttime Lisa is seriously delusional. She kind of wastes time doing Not Homework and thinks Morning Lisa will be more than happy to finish it up. But she stays up late doing more Not Homework so this really just pisses Morning Lisa off. Fuck no she’s not doing any homework. She’s going to lie around […]


Just now I am trying to decide between doing my homework or watching Freaks and Geeks. Actually, since I have to leave for class in an hour and I haven’t eaten lunch yet, I probably won’t have time for either. Jeeze, where does the time go? I have to clean my room. It’s a complete […]


I love Life. The cereal, not the carbon-based form or the other action-filled noun. Well, I guess those things are OK, but I have Life for breakfast every morning. It is very dependable. It’s always good and there aren’t any possibilities for surprises and it never fucks you over. Ever. Rejection hurts. Even if it’s […]