Walking home from class today I witnessed a gentleman finishing up a number two on the sidewalk. I might have gasped, and did a bit of a double take in shock. The man offered me the bottom half of a two liter bottle of coca cola in apology, but I said no thank you, not directly to his face though because I was well on my way past him by the time he had fished it out of his shopping cart. I, God only knows why, briefly turned around when he spoke and when I saw him extending the bottle I turned right back around.

Other than that, the walk home was very pleasant. The clouds were nice. I walked down Cherry today instead of Highland for a change of pace. My mistake. Not really, I’m gonna walk down Cherry again tomorrow. Who knows what will happen next!


2 Responses to “”

  1. 1 Kevin

    Okay, you were right, that is very disturbing… *shudders*

  2. SICK!!!!!!!!!

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