Sitting in class after a weekend at the beach is practically torture. The sunburn didn’t really help. I’m also pretty tired. But oh, do I love the beach. Now though I have homework and need to unpack and clean my room and do laundry and I want to bake some cookies because Emily is coming to visit tomorrow. What?? It’s already July 20th! Jeeze.

My teacher’s name is Ryan. Or Paul. It’s either Paul Ryan or Ryan Paul, but with a name like that you can’t expect me to remember. Generally, I kind of glide over names and just have the image of the letters in my head for that person’s name. The name itself, especially if it’s difficult to pronounce, remains unpronounced. This is unhelpful, especially on tests. In my last class, one of the questions on a test was, “Who were the main people involved in the Dispute of Barcelona?” and since each name was about 15 letters long, I never had even read them. I wrote “One started with an M and one started with an N” and received half credit. On a quiz last week, a question was “Who helps Beowulf to slay the dragon?” and I wrote “Waftlig” and received full credit, even though the answer was Wiglaf. The previous quiz I had written that the king was named Hrothforth, even though it was Hrothgar, and only got half credit. I don’t get it either.

It’s slightly depressing that if I tried at all, I would be an A student. I am going to get an A in this class, she told herself determinedly. Yeah, OK, I guess I better do my homework and stop thinking about the beach then.


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