Dear Sun,
I like to think of us as good friends, but lately it feels as if you are giving me skin cancer. If you could back off just a little bit, not too far, that’d be great. It’s nearly unbearable walking to class. Otherwise keep up the good work. Like 90s is good, 107, not so good. Just think about it, OK?
Love, Lisa

Dear summer school,
I think I am being cheated. Just because the first session was crazy easy does not mean I deserve an unnecessarily hard class now. Daily quizzes stink. Beowulf stinks. To be fair, I have never read Beowulf, but I’m not a huge fan of interpreting English like that, OK, I don’t even like Shakespeare (also on the syllabus). Well, I guess it’s only the first day so I’m willing to give you a chance.
Love, Lisa

Dear Marcy Playground,
I was pretty surprised to hear about your new album, actually, I was surprised to learn there was a second and third. I like this fourth one pretty well, it’s not as good as the first one, but Star Baby and Blackbird I am fond of. Anyway, you give me hope for other 90s bands I like to follow suit and hopefully I will see you when you come to Tucson August 29th. Please, please let your voice be as beautiful live.
Love, Lisa

Dear Harry Potter,
Thank you for existing.
Love, Lisa

Dear people recieving my resume and not calling,
Fuck you. No, just kidding. The only benefit of having a job would be to spend money which would be really, really nice, but on the other hand I kinda like this lazy summer thing. I figure I’ll have to spend the rest of my life working, so right now will be spent having fun. I can have fun later in life too, but not as much, because I’ll be working, right? Isn’t that how it works? Anyway, don’t worry about it, I’ll get a job someday.
Love, Lisa

Dear roommates,
We’re about to go to dinner so I know you won’t read this yet. During dinner I will periodically try to get you guys to switch food and I won’t explain why. You’ll only understand once you read this that I was merely amusing myself. Thanks a lot, guys. You’re the best.
Love, Lisa

Dear everyone else,
I’m having a terribly good Monday. I hope you are too!
Love, Lisa


3 Responses to “”

  1. this was a fantastic post. haha. i especially like the note to your roommates. GENIUS.

  2. 2 james

    you’re ridiculous, but funny.

  3. 3 igatsol

    I like this post.
    It was very entertaining.

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