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Walking home from class today I witnessed a gentleman finishing up a number two on the sidewalk. I might have gasped, and did a bit of a double take in shock. The man offered me the bottom half of a two liter bottle of coca cola in apology, but I said no thank you, not […]


Sitting in class after a weekend at the beach is practically torture. The sunburn didn’t really help. I’m also pretty tired. But oh, do I love the beach. Now though I have homework and need to unpack and clean my room and do laundry and I want to bake some cookies because Emily is coming […]


Dear Sun, I like to think of us as good friends, but lately it feels as if you are giving me skin cancer. If you could back off just a little bit, not too far, that’d be great. It’s nearly unbearable walking to class. Otherwise keep up the good work. Like 90s is good, 107, […]


Today I made an excursion into the life of the rich. It was Keith’s brother-in-law’s birthday and while it seems silly to buy something for someone who owns two tricked out F-450s just because he can, we buy him something anyway. This year, my mom and Keith decide to get him a gift card to […]