The other day when I was walking to school, I came upon an apology written in chalk on the sidewalk between 7th and 6th street. I believe it was some kind of letter/poem hybrid, begging the receiver to take them back. It wasn’t especially original, but it was a sweet gesture, I guess. It started to rain while I took the pictures, some of the words came off and it was a little depressing.

DSCN2319is how it started out.

DSCN2322is how it went for a while, interchanging voice, touch, etc.

DSCN2324I’m sure this is some kind of inside joke between them, but it’s a little sad.

DSCN2325This I think suggests problems. Would I be willing to take a bullet for someone who wouldn’t take one for me? Well, probably. The golden rule and all. But if someone told me plainly that they wouldn’t, it’d be kind of hard to swallow.

DSCN2323This part is just so upsetting. Some of the sentences were under trees and some were not, and this one was unfortunately partially under a tree. More than what?

DSCN2326What kind of sign is it when you try to send a message and Mother Nature destroys it?


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  1. 1 alegnala

    this reminds me of a story i should tell you. try to remember to remind me next time we talk, and i’ll try to remember to tell you anyway

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