I don’t think I’m a clumsy person, but when I’m nervous I tend to drop things. At the Ashoka Indian grocery store in Chandler, there’s a sign that says NO FOOD OR DRINK inspired by an incident where I dropped a Route 44 soda all over their floor.

Today my unconventional summer school class met for lunch at Bentley’s, a cafe on the edge of campus that was actually quite nice, considering the inclination for pretentiousness so near to the college elite. Anyway, they serve their coffee in glass cups and I’m pretty sure what happened is that I dropped it. For some reason my classmates told the manager that it broke in my grasp and my strength became a running gag.

I can’t remember where I was going with this, but it was really fun, despite my questionable social skills. I want to meet new people all the time.


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  1. 1 alegnala

    like Aunt Marge in the third Harry Potter.
    that’s right, i said it.

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