Someone keeps putting our trash cans at the curb and then returning them. On two occasions I’m quite certain it was our landlord, however, the other two are unknown. Last night at about 11:30 the other culprit put them away. I couldn’t see who it was since it was dark, but it seemed rather unlikely that our landlord would drop by at such an hour to do it. It’s not that we forget, we’re just pre-empted every time. Next week I’m going to try to beat whoever it is that’s doing it, but I guess it’s not an awful thing that there’s someone doing it.

My summer school class is laughably easy. The other four guys in my class had our professor for pre-session, so while I’m kind of the odd one out, they are friendly and told me about the professor. One guy said she’s the kind of person who dots the letters after the i’s, instead of the i. I nodded knowingly, but I didn’t really know what that type of person was. I understood today, because she demonstrated her ability and then explained how she’s always in a rush and never finishing things correctly, and it made a lot of sense. She’s entertaining, via tangents.

Jamie just got a bloody nose. I have never, ever, had a bloody nose.


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    me neither

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