I remember two years ago when I moved into a dorm, I said life was surreal. That was nothing compared to this. Living in my own house is the best reality ever. I’m obsessed. I love to clean it and buy things for it. I love playing music in it. I love everything about it.

I don’t know how much better life can get. I’m going to get bored at some point, school starts next week, but that’s only so many hours a day. We don’t have internet yet either. I should get a job, but I don’t want to. It’s too nice to do whatever I want. This week I intend to go to Bookman’s, Zia,  Michael’s, Safeway, I want to buy things and make things and bake things.

I’m at the library right now. I’m embarrassed to admit that I nearly drove, but luckily decided I needed the exercise. It only took nine minutes to walk here from my house. Perfection. It was very hot, but that’s OK. I’m probably going to do it again tomorrow.

Last night we made dinner. This morning I ate waffles. It’s fantastic.


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  1. this was like prolly my favorite blog post ever. i had the same realization. fantabulousness! it’s like … eating a chip and then realizing that there’s salsa

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