Rich people make me ill, but if I were rich, I’d probably flaunt it, somehow.

My stepdad’s, nephew’s, son just graduated today. I guess he’s my cousin? His entire extended family went, which was probably a lot more than any of the other kids. I didn’t go, I don’t know him that well. Plus, his grandparents paid someone to video tape the whole thing. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing? My mom bought him a giftcard to Target as his present, as recommended by his grandmother. Did I mention this kid is graduating kindergarten?

When I graduated from kindergarten, we put shaving cream on our desks and spelled out our ABC’s to our tired parents, who were just on their lunch break and had to get back to work soon. This kid is wearing a fucking cap and gown and walking across a stage. I didn’t get any presents either. Man, is life unfair or what.


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