I’ve been in Maricopa less than five days and I’ve managed to eat at my two favorite restaurants, bake a cake, dye my hair (red), paint my nails (purple), and watch a hell of a lot of televison. I don’t know if I can keep this up for two more weeks. I, depressingly, want to be back in Tucson. Maybe not so depressing, I dunno.

I’ve got it down pretty well that the glasses are in the cabinet to left of the stove, and the plates are to the left of that, but if I need anything else I have to open every cupboard until I find it. There are too many light switches to memorize, and I can never remember which direction the lock has to be in for the door to be locked. I locked myself out of the house the other day when my mom and stepdad were out of town, and the only way I got back in was because the guy next door knew how to break into windows. Except I wasn’t supposed to tell you that, because once we were in my house and I was ecstatic to have air conditioning and artificial light, I was being extremely melodramatic in thanking him. I said, “How can I ever repay you?” and he said, “Don’t tell people I know how to break into windows.”

Grades were mediocre, again, and I’m terrified I won’t get a job this summer. Here’s to life! Ain’t it grand?


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  1. 1 Jerry

    Ok, so I found your blog. Well, it wasn’t hard, google helped me. 🙂

    So who are you and who am I?

    Well, I’ll help you out.I”m 40 something guy who was reading about Maricopa. I own a house there, but I live in Canada. I’m probably one of those Rich Dicks that you hate.

    So who are you? Your page doesn’t say much about you. All I’d say is you’re in high school, and you write really well. I wish my 9th grader could write like you.

    So chin up. You can leave Maricopa and do something you like. There’s lots out there if you open your eyes, and keep trying. Some things work, many don’t. But always keep looking. Even when you think you have found something good. Keep looking.

    So the reason I wrote is you said you already ate in your two favorite restaurants. What are they? I was in Maricopa last month and I couldn’t find anything to eat. I ate in the casino at a crappy buffet. I drove right thru town looking for a place to stop and eat, but didn’t find squat. So help an old guy out, and tell me where there’s two good places to eat in Maricopa.


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