I’ve been having a bad bout of procrastination lately so since I had two papers due today I got very, very little sleep. I was not in a good mood but since I was turning in my papers, I figured I would also sell my books back.

It was hot and I had to stand in line for too long and my papers were due at three. I had left at 1:30, because I thought I would have plenty of time, but as 2:15 rolled around I started to get anxious. Finally it was my turn. Of the 8 books I had, he only took five, which pissed me off pretty well, but the thing that aggravated me the most was that he said my 501 Latin verbs book was “outdated.”

Excuse me? I may have sounded a little angry when I said, “It’s Latin verbs. How could it be outdated?”

And he replied, “Maybe they found some more.”

And I started laughing. And I couldn’t stop. He asked me if I wanted to donate it, and I nodded, because I was still laughing and I don’t have room in my life for 501 Latin verbs. It’s hours later and I’m still giggling a little bit. I need sleep.


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