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When I was in third grade, my family got some Pomeranians. A sister and brother, who we named Bear and Bailey. Bear was uncannily bearlike, apart from the fact that he was the size of a deflated soccer ball. Bailey was chosen arbitrarily. They would run away all the time and it drove my mother […]


The summer after junior year, my friends and I watched every episode of Sex and the City. It was great. It’s on every night now and I watch it, partially because it’s a good show, partially because it’s nice to reminisce about summer 06. I realize now that it gave me a lot of unrealistic […]


In Maricopa there is one street with stores, John Wayne Parkway. There are two grocery stories, maybe six fast food places, probably ten restaurants, three gas stations, two car stores, two ice cream shops, three banks, two dentists, two cell phone stores, two pool places, two drugstores, a florist, a daycare¬†and a card shop. Other […]


Rich people make me ill, but if I were rich, I’d probably flaunt it, somehow. My stepdad’s, nephew’s, son just graduated today. I guess he’s my cousin? His entire extended family went, which was probably a lot more than any of the other kids. I didn’t go, I don’t know him that well. Plus, his […]


Thirty minutes on the freeway with zero good music is enough to make anyone have a bad day. Even Mr. Rogers, probably. Twenty seconds with your new roommates and everything is good again. Plus, on the way home I saw a motorcycle with a stuffed moose on the back, wearing a helmet. He must have […]


I’ve been in Maricopa less than five days and I’ve managed to eat at my two favorite restaurants, bake a cake, dye my hair (red), paint my nails (purple), and watch a hell of a lot of televison. I don’t know if I can keep this up for two more weeks. I, depressingly, want to […]


I’ve been having a bad bout of procrastination lately so since I had two papers due today I got very, very little sleep. I was not in a good mood but since I was turning in my papers, I figured I would also sell my books back. It was hot and I had to stand […]