I went bowling this weekend. I feel like there’s some kind of bowling is like life metaphor out there, but maybe not. Life is so crazy and random and bowling is not. You either hit pins or you don’t. In life, you could hit pins, miss pins, or there might not be any pins, or maybe that boy you like really does you like back, or you didn’t have time to do any homework over the weekend.

Probably I am going about this the wrong way. I should say something like, you never know how many pins you’re going to knock down or maybe you wonder the whole game if you really chose the right ball. Sometimes though, when it’s a strike, I know it before the ball even gets there. In real life, I never know if it’s going to be a strike.

Also, we played two games. I got the lowest score the first game (45), and the highest score the second game (137, I think, but I’m not certain). Maybe bowling is a little random.


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