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After two full semesters of Latin being at one o’clock every day that I have class, I still panic sometimes when I’m walking to class. Oh, shit, was it at twelve? Is this even the right building? I take Latin, right? It’s so ridiculous, I’m relieved this is my last semester, though I think I’ll […]


I like the idea of writing a story in a few sentences. It’s not like you can really develop anything, but being able to comprehend some kind of abstract plot in a flash of writing is incredible. I’ve tried a few, but I think I’m just going for shock value in them. I’m not sure […]


You know that ShamWow guy, Vince? Today I discovered he’s in another infomercial, Slap Chop, while watching a Becker marathon with my grandmother. The ShamWow one is admittedly better, but in this one he does say, “You’re gonna love my nuts!” My grandma didn’t know what ShamWow was, and I didn’t try to explain, but […]


I went bowling this weekend. I feel like there’s some kind of bowling is like life metaphor out there, but maybe not. Life is so crazy and random and bowling is not. You either hit pins or you don’t. In life, you could hit pins, miss pins, or there might not be any pins, or […]


I am in Dante’s hell. My crime is unknown, but my punishment is cruel. A ball of pain is nestled in my throat and with each swallow a needle leaves its mark on my esophagus. My head aches, my eyes are tired, yet insomnia persists. I try to finish my homework, but the motivation is […]


There’s a road on campus that is quite narrow and curved. You’d think it was one way, but it’s not and somehow cars are just always out of the way going either direction. The other day I was walking on it behind a police car rounding the curve. Neither of us saw the bicycle coming […]


I’ve been having the craziest dreams lately. One involved bringing a baby to Disneyland and passing it around to strangers and another somehow had a brick house. Not that wild, I know, but I just can’t remember it very well. Last night though, was so bizarre. Initially I thought I was just in an emergency […]