guaranteed fresh


I would like to take a moment to tell you how amazing Action Imaging Group Copy Center is. Now, I know you’re saying to yourself, “What is Lisa talking about? I don’t ever need to make copies.” And you’re probably right. As a creative writing major, I need to make a lot of copies and you probably don’t, whatever your major is, but the point is, this place has 3 cent copies and awesome people.

For class tomorrow we had to write a short story (mine was only 9 pages, and, disappointingly, I write nothing like Miranda July) and make 24 copies of it. I don’t do math, but I knew that at 10 cents a page at the library, this was going to be fucking expensive.

I wish I could say some mean things about my teacher because of this, but I rather like her. And she recommended this place, she didn’t even know the name, but it had 3 cent copies. And so I went. The outside is really sketchy and the door was a little out of the way, but it was found. The screen door was locked. We checked the hours. They had closed 15 minutes ago! Crap. But I started knocking on the gate because there was definitely a guy in there and I needed 3 cent copies. Someone else came out and I begged, pleaded that I needed 3 cent copies and he actually came over and unlocked the door, willing to give me 3 cent copies. I was ecstatic.

We went inside and the other guy had to turn a machine back on, but then he helped me out, it printed 24 copies super easy and stapled them. Wow, let me tell you. Wow. While they were copying and stapling he gave me their card and jokingly pointed to the hours. We had a good laugh and when it was over, he said that the guy I had talked to before was the manager and he was going to let me have the copies for free.

And so I thanked him exuberantly and said I would sing the praises of Action Imaging Group every chance I got. So here I am. If you’re ever going to make copies, you should make them there. They also fax, print and scan too, should you ever need that kind of service.


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