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let me go on


This is something I have never told anyone in my life: I absolutey HATE going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. OK. Your turn. Advertisements

A child in the wilderness said to his mother, “At night when it’s dark a bogeyman appears to me. I’m afraid of him.” “Don’t be afraid of him,” said the mother. “When you see that form, be brave and attack it. You’ll see it’s just a figment of your imagination.” “But, mother,” said the child. […]

I just wrote this poem: aha! yet angel- ic crack or true zeal; ode! uh, joy! a mime, the elm miracle. he shot men direly. pink sun. dove. again still Just kidding. It’s actually a list of my friends’ names but I switched the letters around. OK, I’m really going to study for my midterms […]

Irrational fears: – Finding a dead body in the bathroom – A plane crashing onto campus – Accidentally sleeping 24 hours straight and missing my Tuesday classes because I think it’s Monday – Mascots – Someone talking to me while my headphones are in and them thinking I’m ignoring them – Going to Disneyland in […]

either way


I’m sick of cloudy weather! I’ve put up with this for days! I tried to enjoy it today, I went for a walk, but it just sucked. So disappointing. Maybe I’m just angry at it because I haven’t been able to use my new sunglasses. Or maybe I’m angry about something else. Here’s hoping for […]

I would like to take a moment to tell you how amazing Action Imaging Group Copy Center is. Now, I know you’re saying to yourself, “What is Lisa talking about? I don’t ever need to make copies.” And you’re probably right. As a creative writing major, I need to make a lot of copies and […]