sparks fly


So you know those fake facebook pages that people make sometimes? Today our Latin professor handed out one for Virgil, because she said she knew it was funny, but she knew it would be funnier if she knew what STFU meant or what walls were and how people went offline.We spent 20 minutes explaining it to her.

Now, you might think that Virgil’s news feed is kinda funny, but if you’re in a class that reads Virgil every day and is in the process of translating the Aeneid, it’s hysterical. In lieu of our final project, we’re now going to make facebook pages of characters in the Aeneid so we can act it out online. I’m still laughing. For LOL, we’re going to use RMV – ridens magna voce, which means laughing with a great voice. RMV!

The best part was at the end. We had explained how everyone’s different stories show up on the news feed and she just replies, “And you guys actually care about all this?” We laughed and laughed and looked at the floor and mumbled, yes, yes we do.


One Response to “sparks fly”

  1. 1 alegnala

    RMV, yes we do

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