come now


I like my Latin teacher a lot. I wish more professors were like her.

Today in class, she called on me to lead the class on going through our test from last week while she passed out papers. I was expected to walk to the front of the class and point to our test on the overhead and call on kids to translate or explain what case this word is. I’ll spare you the awkward and embarrassing details of what actually happened, but it was absurdly fun. Let’s just say I don’t have the ability to be a (Latin) teacher.

I think she picked me to do it because I got 100% on my test (Well, 109% but for some reason you can’t get more than 100%), but that was only because I got 25 points of extra credit. Without it, I would’ve gotten an 84%. The point is, I’d do it again, as ridiculous as it was. Also, I should probably work harder on Latin.

Now I’ve got to go do something else out of my comfort zone.


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