I like Thursdays


I really like grocery shopping. Last night I bought some poptarts, it was only $1 for the box. This morning I ate some, but two was too many. My stomach hurt. When I had finished the first one,  I was still hungry, but as I finished the second one, I felt sick. Stupid poptarts. They were the brown sugar cinnamon kind.

I slept with my window open and these stupid construction workers decided that seven o clock in the morning would be an awesome time to make some obnoxiously loud beeping noises. At first I dreamt that a bulldozer was backing into my window repeatedly, but eventually I realized they were real. I kept thinking they’d go away but finally I got up to close the window. And then it stopped.

I turned in my first paper of the semester. I was just handing it to my professor when I realized I forgot a title. Damn.

I have four classes on Thursday. Two classrooms have broken clocks, one has no clock, and the other doesn’t matter because the clock is slow and the teacher keeps saying “just one more thing I have to tell you” until he keeps us ten minutes longer than the class is and whatever he said wasn’t important. There’s also a large lack of good white board markers in these classes. Every time we talk about broken clocks or no white board markers, someone says it must be the budget cuts and everyone laughs.

We had a quiz in Latin today and I sneezed very loudly while we were taking it very quietly. Literally half the class said bless you, so I said, thanks, everybody and some people laughed. I really enjoy making people I don’t know laugh.

I think turning off my alarm clock is one of the highlights of my week. For some reason lately I’ve been missing my mom a lot. Today, Remy asked me where I was living next year. It was really scary when I told him I didn’t know. I’m definitely stoked about not living on campus (last night I had a dream that I found a bakery upstairs and everyone I knew was there) but I’m not self sufficient enough to figure this out. Life seems like it’s not happening while I live here.

Thanks for listening.


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